Shooting Your Course is a Process – We Want and Make it Easy for You

We begin each assignment with a phone call. We typically ask a lot of questions to determine the scope of the assignment.

Some examples might be:

Do we need to shoot every hole? Or, are there specific holes to be photographed?
Does the course have a Signature hole?
Is there a particular time of the year that needs to be captured? (Fall for fall foliage, spring for spring blooms)
Are there particular angles or elevations that work best?

Typically we are on course when play is going on so we like to schedule specific holes in the early mornings or late afternoons to be afforded the best lighting conditions.

Prior to every shoot, we carefully study the angle, the location of the sun, and the other factors in order to create exceptional imagery. With this approach of taking time to set up each shot, we focus on the quality of each image rather than the quantity of images of the golf courses we shoot.

We will capture the exceptional quality of the golf course and highlight its unique views and features. The golf course will be photographed in optimal lighting, just after sunrise or before sunset. Some holes may be photographed at different times in relation to the shadow details.We are shooting with state-of-the art cameras that will produce amazing high-resolution files, exceptional for printing. Images will be captured with the industry-best high resolution cameras; a 100-megapixel PhaseOne Camera,

John Henebry is a FAA certified drone pilot using a Sony Airpeak Drone equipped with a 61-megapixel camera giving your course previously unseen beautiful imagery.

We will plan to schedule the photography shoot in coordination with the maintenance staff as per the turf and weather conditions.

We will give 150% + of our effort to capture the course in its best-looking condition.
After shooting we spend a few weeks editing and retouching images before delivery.

All golf course images are the properties of the respective clients and are delivered without copyright restriction on usage after all Invoices are paid.

The famous 7th hole at Pebble Beach glows in the evening light.
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