Premier golf photographers John and Jeannine Henebry have been specializing in golf course photography for over 25 years.
A brother and sister team, they have traveled the world documenting some of the world’s best and most beautiful
golf courses designed by many of golf’s most notable course architects and designers.

The Henebry’s expertise in photographing golf courses is sought after by golf’s most illustrious course designers and publishers because of their ability to capture and highlight the beauty and subtleties of a golf course. For this reason, they have been both the featured and exclusive photographers in several books, publications and calendars.

Among John and Jeannine’s many national and international assignments, Robert Trent Jones II sent them to Aruba, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, and Thailand. They have photographed Nicklaus designed courses in Canada, Ireland, India, and Mexico. Palmer Design assigned them to photograph courses in Borneo, China, India, and Ireland. The Henebry’s photographed for Tom Fazio all over the US on his beautiful courses for the Golf Course Designs books. They were the first to photograph the first 18-hole course built in Nepal on the hunting grounds of the King, The Gokarna Forest Golf Resort.

John and Jeannine are meticulous about their work, often waiting hours or days for the perfect light and sun angle to showcase a golf hole’s most subtle characteristics. To get their best pictures, they usually begin photographing courses just after sunrise or just before sunset. While their technique and perseverance enables them to have technically beautiful photographs, their true talent lies in capturing the essence of golf design. Adding to their photographic expertise and services offered, John Henebry became an FAA Certified Drone Pilot in 2021. High end, 100 megapixel medium format digital cameras and a critical eye gives them a truly distinctive quality to their images, because
there’s no mistaking a Henebry photograph.

“When I think of the Henebrys I’m reminded of this famous quote, the good ones have skill, the great ones have talent, and the superstars have desire. John and Jeannine
have all three in abundance.”

— Mike Hurdzan

Capturing the most beautiful golf courses requires stellar equipment. We use the very best in high definiton cameras and drones to capture our images.
For print captures at sea level, Jeannine uses the Phaseone 1q3 100 megapixels with a Schneider lens.
For drone captures, John (a FAA certified drone pilot) uses the Sony Airpeak S1 Drone.
The very best equipment ensures images that are as close to the human eye that technology can produce, and superior image clarity at any size of reproduction.